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PIWI Books available in English

23th October 2017:  The PIWI books are now available in English and can be ordered here. The Federal Ministry of the Environment has taken over the printing of the books and the dispatch of it.

PIWI Books are available again in German

14th September 2017:  The PIWI books of the 4th edition (in German) are now reprinted and can be ordered again. The Federal Ministry of the Environment has taken over the printing of 20,000 books and the dispatch of it.

All PIWI-books of third edition out of stock, download is possible

1st February 2017: The third edition of the PIWI-book is also already out of stock due to the large demand in the first few weeks.

However it is still possible to download it Download the PIWI-book as a PDF-file (6.5 MB).

As we are working on a further reprint of the PIWI-book, it is possible for interested parties to make their stake in a waiting list.

We would like to thank all sponsors who have made it possible to reprint the third edition:

European Trust for Animal Welfare and Environment:

Clean up herne:

PRO Bird e.V.:

State animal protection agency Schleswig-Holstein e.V.:

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We would also like to thank the Federal Ministry of the Environment which covered all the costs for the third edition.

A primary school in Cologne, the Gemeinschaftsgrundschule Nibelungenstraße, wrote to PIWI:

The learning case was picked up today. The children were very sad because they thought the material was really great!

Especially impressive: the real items with teeth marks.

The games were suitable for children and very motivating!

Many thanks! !!!

Some children had the idea to start a fund-raising campaign...

We print cloth bags for Christmas...

We try and shop without plastic bags...

We made information posters for the display cases in front of the classroom. ..

We collected up rubbish in the school playground as well as on the street and the playground in front of the school...

The children think most days about "TAKE 5" and tell us what rubbish they have found...

And have made good resolutions....

The book was very well accepted too and delivered many fascinating details and information. Piwi’s informal presentation was accepted well by the children.

A great project!

PIWI in the 15th. summer academy in the Saarland

Report on how we used the Piwi learning case within the summer academy 2016 of the advisory centre for the intellectually gifted in Saarland

The advisory centre for intellectually gifted in Saarland has offered a special promotion for interested, motivated and (highly) gifted schoolchildren for 16 years. Apart from counselling and qualifying, promotional activities take place on a regular basis. These offer the children the possibility to meet children of their own age with the same interests and similar cognitive potential. One of these meetings is the summer academy, with the target group is schoolchildren from the third till sixth primary classes from all general schools in the Saarland. For a week, the contents of a different specific theme each year are worked on and the results presented to the parents at the end

Based on the Year of Science 2016, this year’s theme in the summer academy was „Our Oceans – Your Future“. The different workshops within the academy considered varied contents such as the biological diversity or the physical properties of the oceans. One group of schoolchildren addressed the contamination of the oceans, the implications for the environment and possible measures to improve the often catastrophic consequences.

The Piwi learning case was well suited for this activity as it contains much interesting material for this theme. For the beginning and to activate the latent knowledge along a gallery posters were displayed. They inspired the children’s imagination for the design of their presentation material; they helped them prepare creative and informative results which were presented to the parents on the last day of the summer academy.

The children produced the folding game „Heaven & Hell“ themselves; this not only promoted the motor functions of the participants in the academy but also increased their knowledge about the decomposition times of different packaging materials. New knowledge was recorded on the special worksheets per material. Afterwards this could be expanded and improved on in a special game of decomposition-memory! During the final presentation, the public could make up games like this and estimate how long the different materials needed before they decomposed.

After working the children could relax with the dexterous game „The Turtle‘s Journey“, a good opportunity to carry on thinking about the theme without it getting too much.

A challenge was solved with more motivation and understanding by playing the fishing game. Here the children had to pretend to be fishermen fishing in contaminated waters. At the final presentation, this game went down very well with the siblings and led to intensive angling contests. The academy children could explain the problem the fishermen had.

The glasses with built-in magnifying glasses and microplastics were enjoyed; they inspired the children to start their own research and to find out which cosmetics contained microplastics and which not. One of the schoolgirls made a poster and presented her results to the parents along with cosmetic products. They could then find out for themselves whether a product contained microplastics or was uncritical.

The real objects in the case were displayed and brought several surprised comments from the children. The fact that these were really plastic parts taken from the sea and which sometimes had turtle bites left an enduring impression. The theoretical problems and dangers were seen to be real.

Finally, the book on the subject was a welcome present for everyone and read with enthusiasm.

All in all, we can confirm that the learning case helped the work in the workshops and gave them authenticity and motivation. The extra week of school in the summer holidays was enjoyed by the schoolchildren and their tutors.We hope other users will have just as much fun as we did with Piwi’s learning case!

Katharina Lux and Jessica Weißenauer



Piwi in the kindergarten "Volltreffer" in Berlin

The larger children in the kindergarten "Volltreffer" run by the Salvation Army were very enthusiastic about using the learning case.

" For me it was super, that Piwi cleaned up the ocean so well and reminded us all to help. Also, I really enjoyed playing the memory game".

We will continue to cover plastic rubbish as a theme. In a few weeks, we will decorate the window of a chemist in our neighbourhood.

The grown-ups were also able to expand their horizon and discovered new things.

Kind regards and a great weekend!

Franziska Mies

PIWI at a children’s festival in the Gera zoo

„Something has bitten!" The young angler pulls his catch out of our aquarium, but what is hanging on to his rod? "Just rubbish!" "is the ocean the right place for it?" "Nooooo!" "However did it get there?" "If people do not throw it into the rubbish bins."

That’s exactly the way it is. And then we get this awful, tiny microplastic, hidden in our cosmetics. We had prepared a sample for our Information booth around the theme of plastic during the children’s festival in the Waldzoo in Gera on 29th. Mai 2016. The children agreed, we do not want to have that in our shampoo and even less so in our drinking water. For the grown-ups, we had tips how to recognise microplastics in goods. And the children learned too, by playing with our plastic-alternative-memory game, how to avoid plastic in everyday life. Anyone wanting further details about how plastic gets into the oceans, what the problem with that is and what we can do against it, can ask Piwi, the pool-cleaning robot. The visitors were fascinated by his story. At the end our smaller guests were given their own Piwi-picture book and we looked into lots of happy children’s eyes.

It really was a good promotion; the people were very interested and the children really enjoyed getting the books. A big thank you!

Comments about „PIWI“ and the Learning Case

Comments about „PIWI“ and the Learning Case

Submitted by elementary school Berka v.d.H.

In our school project „The earth needs friends“ in March 2016 pupils from the third grade got involved in „rubbish“ and from the fourth grade with „water“.

The pupils also read the book „PIWI and Plastic Soup“ together. They found Piwi’s journey very exciting and informative.

We teachers would like to add that the factual information is very comprehensive, but still prepared well for children in this age group and with appropriate texts.

„PIWI“ prepared the children well for their work with the learning case. The „stations“ with their visual and playful contents quickly aroused their interest to explore and try things out, they were accessible, caused some amazement and were great fun for all!!!

Thanks to the book and the „case“ we were able to connect well with our autumn campaign

(Every pupil in the school could print a textile shopping bag.)

and explain or rather intensify how important it is to avoid plastic rubbish for everyone.

Note / tip: The fishing game could be made quieter by pasting something on the inner walls, for example felt.

We say „thanks!“ for your engagement helping to sensibilise our children for such an important environmental theme.

We recommend the material further!!!

The staff of the elementary school Berka v.d.H.

PS: Today our grade 4 wandered along the river Werra near Creuzberg looking out for signs of beavers. Some pupils also had bags with them to remove plastic rubbish found along the river bank.

I was just informed that our 4th graders collected 6 large rubbish bags full of „rubbish“ and that these could be disposed of correctly.

PIWI in Erfurt

During the 22nd. Meeting on Mathematical and Scientifical Teaching I was able to present our education project in two workshops. The target group was elementary school teachers.

I could also present a video which is very clear and to recommend:

Thanks to all participants for their interest and positive feedback. I hope that some of the participants will use our education project in their school.

Comments from Kiel about the case and the PIWI-Book:

Working with the learning case was great fun for the children. The material demonstrated very well the dangers plastic rubbish contain. Many children will remember it thus. In discussions with them I heard that they have discussed the theme at home and will certainly avoid using plastic bags for shopping in future.

My pupils also informed two further classes about the theme with short talks and using the material. I had only read out the Piwi-Book, but according to the children’s wishes I have now ordered it for all of them.

I can certainly recommend working with this case.

Many thanks again.



Comments about the PIWI-Book and the Learning Case

A wonderful, self-explaining presentation! The book can be used very well as a starting point to explain the problems. 

Heike Joseph

Biologist, in charge of research teams   

A science teacher from the Berlin comprehensive school Münchhausen:
I was a bit unsure at first as it did not fit in the curriculum.
But then I let 4 classes try out the presentation und process the contents.
I would not have been able to allow this digression if it had been somewhere else (travelling time, fares, stand-in...)!

Wonderful, to look at the big picture

Comments about the PIWI-Book:

Lucia wrote:

Thanks you very much for sending PIWI! We like it very much! Even my three year old is very interested. I do not read it directly to him but use my own words to explain the contents. At present he wants it several times a day.



New information about PIWI´s Learning Case:

My case was being used at the North Sea during an Environment Day for Families. In Büsum in the Centre for Information and Adventure „World of Storm Floods Blanker Hans“ visitors could inform themselves and come to grips with the problems of oceanic rubbish by using the contents of the case.

Mrs. Schukat, Manager of the centre, wrote to me: „The case was great and is designed with care– the children enjoyed it a lot and all my colleagues were very impressed.“

Mrs. Meinke sent me the photos, thanks a lot !

Familienumwelttag Blanker Hans 1
Familienumwelttag Blanker Hans 2