and the plasticsoup

PIWI-Books are available again

The PIWI books of the 4th edition (in German) are now reprinted and can be ordered again. The Umweltbundesamt has taken over the printing of 20,000 books and the dispatch of it.

The PIWI book "PIWI and the plastic soup" is also availabe in English language.



The Pool-Cleaning-Robot PIWI (Pool-Intelligent-Water-Inspector) PIWI 3.14 keeps his pool clean and ship-shape and is quite happy. However his friend, Wilma the cat, confuses the issue when she tells him what the next stream looks like. The two of them get on their way to sort things out.

But that is not the only job, as the stream flows into the river and the river into the sea. Everywhere PIWI makes new friends but also fins lots of rubbish.

On his trip to the ocean PIWI enjoys lots of adventures, - he saves ducks, is kidnapped, lands up in a soup of plastic and...and...and – and learns almost as much about rubbish as the rubbish volume itself. He has luckily shared that information with us: as "Piwipedia" – in book form and the net!