Dexterity Game

These are the rules for grown-ups. I can tell you that it is great fun getting the turtle to make its way over the board by pulling the strings and being careful not getting too near the holes, as if the ball (ball-bearing) falls through the hole you are out….

The game requires manual dexterity to move a figure across a board which is at an angle. It is directed using two strings and a goal is to be reached (jelly fish hole). The token figure has a metal ball which can fall through openings in the board if it gets too close. If this happens, the player has lost. The goal is a jelly fish and the figure needs to hit that hole.

4 children at most can play on two boards erected against each other with at least one child per board. There is no difference in difficulty between the boards. The game can be played competitively or not.

The story around the game is: the turtle wants to eat its favourite food a jelly fish but on the way there it has to avoid lots of dangers in the form of plastic bags which look like jelly fish.

This game is planned to bring the theme home in a playful way and could be used at the end of a school lesson.

Dexterity Game