Magnifying Glass Beaker

In this box you will find 9 beakers filled with specimens and 2 empty magnifying glass beakers to fill and discover.

With these dual magnification beakers you can study the specimens at two different levels of magnification.

If you raise the small lens, the magnification is approximately twofold. If you lower it the magnification is approximately fourfold.

Nine different specimens are included, of which some were collected on the beach, some for example out of toothpaste, one filtered from a facial peeling, and one should demonstrate what plastic products are made of:

  • Plastic fibres (beach)
  • Pellets (beach)
  • Micro pellets (beach)
  • Micro pellets (as industrial example)
  • Peeling microparticles (filtered from Peeling)
  • Toothpaste microparticles (filtered from toothpaste)
  • Found on the beach mesoplastic (beach)
  • Microplastic and organic material (beach)
  • Organic material (beach)
Magnifying Glass Beaker
Magnifying Glass Beaker