Few years ago, we implemented our educational project with the theme “rubbish in the waters”, thanks to the promotion of societies. It was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment.

It is planned for children of primary school age and is an offer for children and their escorting adults to approach and understand this theme, to take it on and come into a position in which they can find and execute their own processes.

It contains an illustrated children’s book “PIWI und die Plastiksuppe”, literally “PIWI and plastic soup” and a learning case full of material like real rubbish found in the sea, pieces of information and games. Apart from this further information has been processed and collected (on the USB PIWI-Stick 1.0) which can be purchased at a self-liquidating price.

  • Piwi-Buch

    Children's picture book

    PIWI and the plastic soup

    The PIWI book can be downloaded as a PDF document in various languages and as a Berlin edition.

  • Piwi Bildungskoffer

    Materials, Games

    Learning Case for schools

    We borrow materials that make the contents of the topic "garbage in waters" with children come alive.

  • Piwi-USB-Stick


    Digital materials as learning case

    We offer information material as a "digital education case" on a memory stick PIWI-Stick 1.0 at cost price.

Book and learning case  can be ordered free of charge, whereby the case can be lent on a two weekly basis.

On the following pages, you can find information to the various parts of the project and the forms for ordering.