Parts of project

Our educational project for children includes the following materials.

  • Educational “Learning case” with materials such as real marine garbage finds, informational materials and games
  • Children’s picture book “PIWI and the plastic soup”
  • Memory stick PIWI-Stick 1.0 with digital documents.
  • Piwi-Buch

    Children's picture book

    PIWI and the plastic soup

    The PIWI book can be downloaded as a PDF document in various languages and as a Berlin edition.

  • Piwi Bildungskoffer

    Materials, Games

    Learning Case for schools

    We borrow materials that make the contents of the topic "garbage in waters" with children come alive.

  • Piwi-USB-Stick


    Digital materials as learning case

    We offer information material as a "digital education case" on a memory stick PIWI-Stick 1.0 at cost price.