Photo Pair-Spotting Game – Degradation Rate-Time for various Beach Finds

Degradation rates are assigned to various photos chosen as examples of real finds on the beach; they are then a pair of pictures and played like Memory. The pictures have the appropriate degradation rate on the reverse so that first the following pairs can be laid: a photo card and a reverse with the degradation rate as a time factor. This way the couple can be presented pictorally and discussed.

Degradation time

Then the children can have just the degradation rates showing up, the other picture cards are turned over and shuffled; when the child picks a card it should put it next to a degradation rate card (as a check it can be compared with the picture under the card). This way the individual pairs of cards can be found.

It can also be played like a normal game of Memory, whereby the degradation rates on half the cards can be a small help.

The aim is to realise the time different materials need to degrade and to learn this playfully.

Material Degradation rate-time
Apple core 2 month
Untreated wood 1 – 3 years
Cigarette dog-end 1 – 5 years
Plastic bag 20 – 30 years
Polystyrene-dan buoys 80 years
Tin can 50 years
Aluminium beverage can 80 -200 years
Nylon fishing line 600 years
Glass bottle 1 000 000 years
Cardboard 2 months
Sixpack-Rings 400 years
Plastic drinks bottle 450 years